January 19, 2018

Got back with my ex.

Hi there,
Long time no see! How have you been?
Did you check "STORM ON" lately? I changed the design to the old type. You have to see it NOW!

In recent years, I went to various countries. Every one of them is a precious experience for me and they gave me many friends. I very much appreciate for your cooperation.
Now, I became the President of QajaqJPN again. So I'll do action for spread the Qajaq. For this purpose, I would like to be connected "STORM ON" and "QajaqJPN". "STORM ON" mainly transmits information to overseas friends, "Qajaq JON" will function to expand information to domestic members. Anyway, I want to keep connecting every Greenland style friends. Thanks!

November 23, 2015

What's a traditional style?

I participated in GUTS2015 in Tateyama. It is the annual event of QajaqJPN. However, the elements of as "traditional" there were very few. So our Vice President has said "This current situation is flagrant." Many of the club members, to use a kayak made of fiberglass, is wearing a Tuilik of neoprene. Are we an official club of Qaannat Kattuffiat really? Web site of STORM ON also has a similar problem. I'll have to fix this as an administrator.

March 17, 2015

A new partner

At last, the development of my long partner has ended. Therefore I had to do some decision. That's a change in 3DCG tool. Half year, I worried about that and considered. As a result, I chose "Blender". It is a buddy that has a great potential. STORM ON would more power up by this. Please do look forward to that!

December 28, 2014

The choices

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. And there is always around you for the choices.

November 1, 2014

Dear great captain

Success follows doing what you want to do. There is no other way to be successful. I will welcome all with pleasure, if it is the world materialized by such a way.

July 13, 2014

Where is the border for us?

Where is the border for us?
Such a meaningless thing is unnecessary to us. We never have political diplomacy. Our common item is only one. It is just a "storm roll" and is enough for us, right?
If you have a margin to worry about politics, I will recommend you "the practice. " ;-)

June 2, 2014


We "QajaqJPN" will hold "GUTS2014" as a routine occurrence in Hokkaido. You can check the information from the following URL.
Do you consider participation positively? Of course, we'll welcome your join always! You could get many harvest, since this guest is Maligiaq!His visit to Japan will be the 5th time. He is already the regular visitor and our family.
And you will get to know the wonderfulness of Hokkaido. Abundant nature is there and it satisfies all kayakers. I'm looking forward to meeting you there. See you in GUTS2014!